we here at Freelance Hanker provides you with the various terms and services you need to know before you work with us. we provide you with a helping hand to make you grow and earn with us.

  1. This platform provides you Communication based interaction With Other Users to get a more clarified vision.
  2. We provide you a great Scope to work easily and get earned in simple easy steps browse-work-earn.
  3.  we provide our users a Limits & Fraud Prevention based platform. we keep an eye on all the things happening on this website so there is no possibility of fraud.
  4. Easy Withdrawals provide you to easily withdraw your money from our various payment methods with a very low commission and fast payouts.
  5. we provide you all the income and work here in USD no other Currencies are evaluated.
  6. your Privacy & securities are ours. We protect you and your information from any fraud and all the sensitive information that we collect is encrypted and transmitted securely.
  7. Law and Forum for Legal Disputes
  8. we provide you with a Communications-based interface to directly communicate with the users and make free communication between buyer and seller.
  9. your Feedback makes us grow and come with a better update. If you have any questions about our services and terms, please contact us.