Welcome to my Transcription gig.

I will do 90 mins of audio transcription or video transcription in 24 hours


Get a FLAWLESS and HIGH-QUALITY 90 mins TRANSCRIPTION for your Audio Transcription or Video transcription files in 24 hours or less. 


My services include:

  1. Transcribing Lecture
  2. Transcribing Interview
  3. Transcribing YouTube videos
  4. Transcribing Meetings and Conference
  5. Transcribing Webinars and more.                                                 
  • Typing, and Punctuation
  • Proofreading, and Quality Checks
  • Structuring, and Editing
  • Timestamps of unclear spoken word or a phrase in the format [inaudible: mm : ss ] e.g [inaudible: 12:23]
  • Unlimited revisions 


This Gig offers;


  • High Quality Transcript
  • 100%  Accuracy
  • Confidentiality
  • On-Time Delivery 
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction
  • EXTRA: I’ll proofread every document before delivery.


Get your 90 mins of audio transcription or video transcription in 24 hours


Send me a message, so we can discuss any peculiarities you may have. OR You can go right ahead and place your order. Available 24/7. See you on the ‘Order’ side.