My name is Isha Batra and I am a content writer by profession. I  have a total of 6 years of experience in the field of content writing. My services include content writing, editing, proofreading, translation and copywriting. Over the years in this field i have mastered my writing skills in various niches. 

I started mynjourney for writing for value added services for aircel mobile service providers, moving to gaming section forward to photography, website, BPO services, quality analyst, education sector, foreign education, student drafts, SOP, LOR,s and much more. The best thing to have gained in this entire journey was resilience and patience to learn. Every field has different topics and with that come different guidelines to write and present the content and this is the part where my resilience pushed my boundaries each day and learn. I work with the agenda that you are never too old to learn something new and this has helped me most in my life. 

Owing to my stint with content writing, I was able to learn few of the most useful tricks of SEO and SEM which in return helped me to understand why a particular piece of content stands out on Google in top rankings. 

I hereby offer my services for content writing process and I will compile all my knowledge and techniques while drafting the perfect content piece for you.