Micro Job Marketplace: Browse – Work – Earn

Here things are done with an easy 3-step  approach: Browse –  Work –  Earn

FarePay helps buyers and sellers to quickly find reliable freelancers and employers to get things done and earn in an easy way. we provide you a conversation-centered design to make it easy for buyers to know more about their work and employers to know about the person they are hiring.

1. Browse: Encouraging Interaction

  • Here our core value of a service is to provide you the perfect match for the service you are looking for whether you want to hire a freelance or you are freelance and want to work.
  • We provide you work by easily searching from the home page or jobs(MicroJob) or directly by clicking on the categories you want to work from the home.
  • We provide you suitable description, ratting, and status of all the jobs in Mjobs panel. with a feature of filtering the job according to the category, tag, and ratting. 
  • We provide you with work samples and all the details you are required to know before you start the work. 

2. Work- Smooth & Clear Purchase & Delivery Progress

  • We provide you to communicate feature where you can talk to your freelancer and employer so that you both clarify things about work and pay and understand and clearly comprehend for the scope of work and motivate for results. thus it helps in communication until the work is finished.
  • once you confirm to do the work you can get in direct contact with the employer through the details, you can easily check the status of your work and payment through mJobs.

3. Earn- Get Things Done in The Best Way

  • Freelance Hanker brings you with satisfaction to both buyers and sellers with user interaction and growing their work.
  • As the buyer finishes mJob and delivers it, the seller can choose for payment methods and if not satisfied or wrong work is done he can send a disputed issue to the admin.
  • you can complete your work properly and get earn your work in the easiest and convenient way